Cobot applications

COTRACK - Linear track for collaborative robots

Pioneer Robotics delivers complete linear track system for your robot application. The system includes Rollon linear track, safety scanners, drag chain for cables, PLC, gear and motor.

The axis has standard length of 2, 4, and 6 meters, but we can of course accommodate your specific need.

CIWS - Collaborative Intelligent Welding system

We are proud to present our CE marked welding system that has been developed together with Fronius.
This system will make your welders and operators more productive, and it is an enabler for high quality production in European countries.
The system can be delivered in several different configurations including system with 3D vision.
For more information please contact us.



Collaborative palletizing system

Pioneer Robotics offers a state of the art palletizing system that utilizes the field proven Pally software. The system is installed in one day, and the included palletizing software ensures user friendly and quick configuration and operation. The system can be configured to palletize on one or two pallets upon demand.

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