Simulations and Offline Programming

Delfoi and KUKA Sim

3D Modelling and Simulations are powerful tools for performing a quick and effective concept phase together with the client. The models can also be further developed in order to represent a full “digital twin” of the production system.


We also offer offline programming, which makes the programming process easier and faster to do. With our partners in Delfoi and KUKA, we use Delfoi Offline Programming and KUKA Sim, which both builds on the Visual Components software. The programs are based on simulated models of real robots, and the paths are programmed directly in the CAD model that is used.

Delfoi Offline Programming focuses on variation and user friendliness. With their “one click” welding system, it is possible to create welds and searches fast and easy, with minimal training required. They offer several additional features, like SURF-X, SPOT, CUT, SPRAY-X, PAINT and post processors for the robots. Because of our cooperation with Delfoi, our IntelliWelder is fully integrated with Delfoi Offline Programming. This means support for all functionalities Delfoi offer, including support for external axes.

A video demonstrating Delfoi Offline Programming can be seen here.


KUKA Sim focuses on full integration of KUKA robots, where the controllers are synchronized directly to their machines, including external manipulators. KUKA Sim can also be used to create digital twins of welding cells. This includes processes like assembly lines, external machines and production times, offering useful tools for optimalization of robotic cells.

A video demonstrating KUKA Sim can be seen here.

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