Universal Robots 

We offer the full range of robots from Universal Robots. The robots can be bought separate or as part of a turn key system. For more information please see

DIAP – IOT system

The industry experience increased demand for traceability and efficiency. The DIAP system addresses this challenges, and the system are compatible with most existing and new equipment and sensors. For more information please see:

Teach pendant bumpers for various robot models

Pioneer Robotics offers the smart products from Drim Robotics in the Norwegian market. Tech Pendant bumpers gives great shock resistance, and hence is a cheap way to protect your valuable equipment.

Shown below is the bumper for Universal Robots CB series. Bumpers for e-series robot is also available. Custom bumper for various robots and in various color are available upon request.

Welding table prepared for Universal Robots UR 5 and UR10

The welding table is fully prepared for the UR5 and the UR10, with mount pedestal for robot, rails for control cabinet, splatter shield to protect control cabinet and teach pendant rest.

Mobile pedestals for Universal Robots 

Various types of pedestals are available to meet customer needs. A stainless steel pedestal as shown below is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Smart Shift tool changing system 

We offer the smart and quick tool changing system from Buind. For more information see:

Pioneer Robotics AS is a Norwegian company dedicated to the 4th industrial revolution. Our company is engaged in the supply of robotic automation services to industry.